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Coaching & Consulting

Rita offers individual and group coaching services to help women who are ready to embrace their dreams, step into their future, unlock their full potential, and build a successful business.

No two journeys are the same, and the beauty of Rita’s coaching is how she sees you and asks the right questions to understand who you are at the core. From there, she will help you build a meaningful, rewarding, and successful business.

Podcasting: Podcasting is about much more than great content. Rita meets you where you are and expertly guides you through every aspect of podcasting to meet your personal, professional, and business goals. From ideation, cover art, and recording, to editing, production, launch, increasing your downloads, expanding your reach, and monetizing, Rita has the knowledge, experience, and resources you need.

Business: On the business front, Rita has intimate knowledge and more than a decade of experience in sales, marketing, and scaling your business. In two years, she took Latina Podcasters from a passion project and side hustle to a robust business with more than $2 million in annual revenue.

Podcasters and big brands trust Rita to bring them together in a mutually beneficial relationship, and she is ready to use her business acumen to help you grow and scale your own business. Even if your path is non-traditional or in a different industry, the principles remain the same and the techniques she used will work for you, too.

Whether you are looking for clarity, greater self-awareness, developing critical business and decision-making skills, or improving your performance, Rita is ready to help you. Step into your future with personalized coaching.

Individual & Group Coaching


How to start and scale your business quickly, become a trusted authority in your industry, and learn the soft skills you need for success.


Helping established business owners to increase sales, expand marketing, define goals, develop strategies, cultivate a positive mindset, and be held accountable.

Personal Development

Rita can take any of her speaking topics and use them for individual or group coaching. Those currently include How Vulnerability Increases Your Personal Power, Sisterhood and Camaraderie, Shedding Things That are No Longer Yours, and Crying is Your Superpower. She also offers The Power of Your Voice which can be customized for breaking generational trauma, finding your authentic voice, and the power of the ask–learning to ask for what you want without fear.


From ideation through launch of the first episode, expanding your reach, how to increase downloads, develop long-term marketing strategies, and monetizing.

Corporate Entities

Professional advice for organizations who want to increase awareness of their brand through advertising on podcasts.

Why you should start a corporate podcast and how to do that, from start to launch.

If you would like coaching or consulting on a topic not shown here, please contact Rita and ask about her custom coaching and consulting options.