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Authentic connections through culture.


Strategist. Visionary. Master Storyteller. Speaker. Coach. Entrepreneur.

Inspiration leads to success

As an Afro-Latina woman, Rita Bautista has learned to accept and celebrate who she is and the heritage she proudly stands upon.

Rita brings enthusiasm and energy to every encounter and speaking engagement. She shares experiences, discoveries, and tools that will empower you, build your confidence, and lead to your success.

She has represented Latinx voices on civic and non-profit boards in education, government, business, and sports for more than a decade. She is a skilled sales professional and founded Latina Podcasters, scaling it to over $1 million in revenue in only two years.

Rita knows that knowledge is power and inspiration is critical to achieving your wildest dreams.

Are You Ready to Elevate Cultura?

Public Speaking

Rita Bautista is a captivating, powerful speaker who quickly engages her audience. She will inspire and motivate everyone in the audience to find their passion, forge their own path, and achieve success.


Rita offers individual, group, and corporate coaching and consulting services to help those who are ready to embrace their dreams, step into their future, unlock their full potential, and build a successful business.


Latina Podcasters is the leading global podcast network for Latinas and the Latinx community. They have a slate of more than 50 podcasts in the United States and Latin America.


Are you ready to:

Connect with yourself and understand who you are at the core.

Uncover your purpose and your mission.

Take your business to the next level.

Your future awaits.